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The New Classics Series
Based on the bard's "Hamlet," "Romeo & Juliet," and "MacBeth."



"To Be" 4W 8M (some roles can be doubled) 2hrs 1 set
A young Jewish woman witnesses the murder of King Hamlet of Denmark and gets involved with the world's most famous dysfunctional family.  Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy 8M 4W 2hrs 1 set
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"STARCROSSED" 4W 4M full length
Before "Romeo & Juliet" there was a feud... Capulet is determind to woo Catarina de Senna who is engaged to his rival, Montague. 4W 4M 2 hrs 1 set
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"WICKED GOOD" MacBeth knew the three witches very well, in fact, intimately... MacBeth's 3 former mistresses plot and achieve his downfall.(not available at this time)

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