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Characters: (some roles may be doubled)

Pedro Infante - the Mariachi leader
Padre Mayetze - the Chief Priest M 50+
Padre Marakame – the local priest/shaman
Nawa - attendent to Padre Tenayo
Citalli - M 16+ the Demon
Octavio - M 16+ a bridegroom
Jicara de Silva - F 16 the bride
Don Diego Silva - M 40's Jicara 's Padre
Grandma Naka Silva - F 50+ Jicara 's grandmother
Solandra - F 16 Jicara 's American friend
Chaka/Woman - F 30+ Octavio’s mother
Pilla - First Mariachi/First Mestizo/Old woman
Cirimo - Second Mariachi/Second Mestizo/Lame Woman
Negrete - Third Mariachi/Lotteria Caller/Blind Woman/Hunchback

Notes on The Names:
Pedro Infante was a reknowned Mariachi singer
Jicara is a gourd container, decorated for spiritual occasions.
Nawa is the Huichol word for maize beer.
Citalli is the Huichol name meaning star.
Pilla and Cirimo are the woods used to build the platform for (Mariachi) dancers.
Negrete is the name of a Huichol yarn artist.
Yurianaka – is the name of mother earth.
Marakame – a Huichol spiritual leader.
Mayetze - mountain lion is the custodian of a shaman's sacred vows.
Solandra, a plant of the Solanaceae family is an hallucinogenic.
Cuautla is the sister city of Renton, Washington.


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