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"Serenade" (The Lottery) ~ a tale of mystical realism (in English) 


Elemental passions clash in a setting brilliant with color and alive with the music of the mariachi. A young American, visiting her friend Jicara, falls in love with her friend's betrothed. On the Night of the Little Angels, tragedy and comedy ensue when the young priest Citalli returns from the dead to possess Jicara on her wedding day. The four lovers must escape the battle between the aroused ancient spirits and the pulsing modern world.  The lottery decides their fate!


Serenade  Statistics 9M 4W   2 acts  90mins.


Unit Set. The characters may enter through the audience.
Settings are minimal, the suggestion of environment. The play takes place in the town square market, at the church, in the cemetery. Soundscapes are recommended. Blackouts should be used sparingly for emphasis and between acts. The Loteria couplets and sonnets are sung by the Mariachi.

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