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The Seniority Series

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An evening of comedy for senior women actors -
Three one act plays and a monologue. Each script can
be presented on its own or all three one acts can be
presented as one play. Enjoy the adventures of our
heroines (Shandel, 70+, and her friends) as they tackle
the challenges of life with humor and resourcefulness.
Play stats: cast size = 5 women one simple set (usually table and chairs)
Running times are 20 to 30 minutes for each play.
These plays may be done "script in hand"

"The Balancing Act"
A young scam artist is outwitted by Shandel.
A comedy about money, swindles and love.
A one woman monologue approx 20 min
"Moving Day"
A good roommate is hard to find
and interviewing is more a competition than a welcome.
20 min 1 set 3 F
"Veteran's Day"
Shandel's date is a stranger she met online.
Will her friends let her go?
20 min 1 set 4 F
"Memorial Day"
Shandel brings an ex-Nazi to the hospital where
she is mistaken for his wife.
20 min 1 set 4 F


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